Custom Lithium Battery Packs


Battery Test Laboratories provide a prototype battery build in accordance with the approved design. We source relevant components from approved suppliers, obtaining second source suppliers of items if this is a requirement. Where custom manufacture of associated items is required (e.g. brackets, cases), we have a small manufacture capability and a range of specialist companies that provide this; alternatively we are happy to use customer sourced components.

Prototype quantities are manufactured in the UK using our in-house prototyping facility. All Lithium Ion Batteries are provided with Battery management Systems that protect the battery and the application in the event of a fault or short-circuit, charge or discharge protection, and in most cases thermal protection particularly for high-energy or high-capacity batteries. We do not sell bare cells due to the associated hazards.

Typically prototype quantities are between 1 and 10 items. These small quantities do not require qualification test, however must be appropriately packed and marked for transportation. Once the prototype is approved and production quantities are required, a Qualification Test is normally a requirement.